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Gunning Capital

Venture Banking

Gunning is a venture banking firm that takes strategic positions in the technology and energy sectors.

We exist to scale innovation in areas critical to global advancement.

Our firm integrates venture strategy, strategic partnerships, and investment banking into growth stage companies providing the capital, oversight and roadmap to help them grow into market leaders.


From the Americas to Asia Pacific, we serve as a strategic partner and a growth catalyst.

Our extensive network of partnerships across the Americas and Asia serve as a powerful asset for the benefit of both new ventures and existing portfolio companies across these evolving sectors.


We are strategically anchored in key hubs across Canada, the USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Mexico providing an integrated infrastructure for digital and physical distribution and extended market reach.

Our dedicated leadership team has deep experience across strategic capital, venture strategy and scaling. This team spans several industries including technology, energy, transportation, fintech, manufacturing and digital. Each team member has held executive roles including CEO, COO, CMO and several VP roles and have operated in all growth stages of a business.

Gunning Leadership

Experienced in executive leadership, strategic capital and venture growth across energy infrastructure, ev charging, fintech, manufacturing and digital media.

Broderick Gunning

Chairman, CEO

Executive experience in battery technology for automotive and storage, investment banking, and international trade

Tony Kuo

Partner, Asia Pacific

Leadership experience across all growth stages from start-up, to public company. 20+ years in marketing, strategic growth and operations.

Neel Singh

Partner, Strategy & Comms

Our 17 years of experience span key evolving sectors: 







A Portfolio Like No Other

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